Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Book Luxury Holidays for a Honeymoon

If you have just got married and planning for your honeymoon then you must plan Luxury Holidays for a Honeymoon. These holidays should be memorable for you so that you can cherish these memories forever.

It is good to sit with your partner and decide the kind of place both of you would want to go to. You may opt to go to a beach destination, a hill station or may want to spend some quiet time with each other at a peaceful place that is far from all the traffic of tourists and visitors.
Once you have decided the period of your holiday then you can contact some good travel agent who can suggest some good options for Luxury Holidays for a Honeymoon after knowing your expectations and your budget. These travel agents have good knowledge about the hotels which can make special arrangements for your honeymoon. You can also plan your own tour. There are many tour operating websites which offer readymade as well as customizable tour packages for honeymooners.

When you see the tour packages online you would get many deals that would look too attractive but play a little wise by comparing deals from at least 3-4 such websites. Read all the terms and conditions and call their customer service in case of any confusion before you book any package because most of them are non-refundable.

To get better packages in your budget you can try being little flexible with the dates and days if possible. You can read reviews about the hotels which you are considering for your stay. Take a look at the pictures and find out about the amenities offered. Find out if the rates quoted to you are all inclusive or if there are some charges on top of it.

Cheap luxury Holidays - explore the world with reasonably priced packages!

It is not important that every desirable thing in this world is expensive. Today cheap luxury holidays are also attainable. There are numerous tour operators out there offering inexpensive luxury holidays. These tour operators provide the same comfort and luxury that can be achieved through an expensive vacation at a cheaper rate.

These types of packages offered by these tour operators are mainly beneficial for those individuals who are prepared to either join a tour group, visit new resorts, go all inclusive, or travel outside of peak season. Vacations play a pivotal role in everyone’s life. Every one of us desires a never to be forgotten experience in a vacation.

There are numerous places in the world that are considered as the perfect destination for the finest holidays. Some of these destinations are still unexplored. There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines for example. I have seen luxury yachts exploring them, which must be quite an adventure.

The tour packages offered by the main operators include the most popular destinations. However, the accommodation can be cheaper in the unexplored locations. The luxury and the comfort may remain the same but minus the cost. Off the beaten track luxury holidays uncover perfect destinations and the luxury is often no less. The tour operator will assist you constantly and also they will keep a track of all the details of your vacation.

Moreover, you are not bound to go with the packages set by the tour operator. You are completely authorized to set your own holiday plan. You can select and also you can discard the locations from the provided packages.

Apart from tailor made holidays there are also luxury holidays which are all inclusive. All inclusive getaways can be great value because you pay one company for everything, which means they can get discounts.

Luxury Holidays Maldives

One can find that the Maldives is among the most amazing holiday destinations being preferred by tourists nowadays. Make sure that you carry extra batteries for your camera when you visit this beautiful island that is nowhere less than heaven. One can never have enough of pictures being taken of the Cobalt Sea and white sand in this beautiful island. Everybody yearns to escape to this heaven where there are beautiful scenes and a welcoming sea from their monotonous daily routine.

Situated in the midst of the Indian Ocean this place is nothing less than a geographical wonder. All together there are twenty six islands formed from over a thousand islands which is perfect to let yourself lose and take a breather from the daily hustle and bustle of a daily routine. Maldives is an ideal island offering amazing scenery of the tropics, beautiful palm trees and water that is crystal clear. One can enjoy the exotic sea life due to the coral reefs in the island.

The island also boasts of a series of luxurious resorts like Soneva Gili, Soneva Fushi etc. These resorts offer exhaustive services to its guests and go out of their way to make them feel comfortable. These luxurious resorts also offer various spas and massages for tourists to pamper and rejuvenate themselves. One can also enjoy lazy walks on the beach followed by sumptuous meals.

Apart from the exotic views and splendid sunshine one can also enjoy various water sports like snorkeling, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, diving etc. People flock from all over to enjoy water sports which are the main attraction and the most dominant doings of all the tourists. If you are an explorer by nature then there are various deserted islands. These uninhabited islands are just waiting to be explored. One will definitely treasure these memories throughout their lives.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Luxury Holidays Thailand

If you are planning for a holiday in an exotic place with beautiful locales, then Thailand is the best place for you, plan to visit Thailand. There will be a great fun for you. Because of its eye- catching beauty, unparalleled hospitality, outlandish temples and tasty cuisines, Thailand became the most sought after luxury holiday destinations. Apart from this, the hustle-bustle and the culture of this country is very rich.

As you are able to stay in any luxury hotel in Thailand but staying in Soneva Kiri by Six Senses Yao Noi will add more enjoyable experiences in your trip. It is a pool villa and an ultra luxury retreat. It is situated in Thailand’s lesser developed areas i.e. in the gulf of Thailand. In this resort there are only twenty four suites and three special suites, their charges approximately starts from one thousand US dollars per night up to a multi-room and if you want to stay at utopian family beach retreat then you have to pay ten thousand US dollars per night. All the rooms of this resort are wonderful and included with world class luxury service.

So when ever you plan to visit Thailand then don’t forget to stay in Soneva Kiri, it is guaranteed that you will get a lifetime experience.

Luxury Holidays Vietnam

Planning for luxury holidays in Vietnam? Then certainly you have made a good choice and you are going to witness a rare mix of glorious past and present culture, plus scenic beauty too. Here you have got chance to see its soaring peaks of Hoan Lien Mountains and beaches like Quy Nhon and Nha Trang. Nothing can stop you from relishing over 500 dishes, Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) and xeo (rice wine) and savoring their flavor forever. Currently, Vietnam is an ideal choice for all those who want to spend their holidays in quite comfort. There are number of high class hotels which offer their quality services to its visitors.

When it comes to the hospitality and cozy comforts, nothing is complete without mentioning the name of all classic services providers Six Senses Con Dao or Six Sense Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam. Six Senses is known to select the remote destinations having natural beauty. It’s launching of first five star resorts in Archipelago islands and Ninh van Bay is another step in its ongoing plan of bringing natural comfort to the visitors. Con Dao is known as the national and marine park can be reached by daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City. Con Dao has 50 villas and covered by rich natural surroundings like sandy beaches, green forest hills and blue sea. It has also bagged number of hotel industry awards for its design and construction which has been done without any damage to the ecological structure.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy the East Vietnam Sea, its rich white sand beaches and mountain ranges then you can go to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay which is made on the exotic Ninh Van Bay.
Go to the Six Sense Ninh Van Bay or Six Sense Con Dao to make your holidays unforgettable and full of comfort.