Saturday, June 4, 2011

Luxury Holidays Thailand

If you are planning for a holiday in an exotic place with beautiful locales, then Thailand is the best place for you, plan to visit Thailand. There will be a great fun for you. Because of its eye- catching beauty, unparalleled hospitality, outlandish temples and tasty cuisines, Thailand became the most sought after luxury holiday destinations. Apart from this, the hustle-bustle and the culture of this country is very rich.

As you are able to stay in any luxury hotel in Thailand but staying in Soneva Kiri by Six Senses Yao Noi will add more enjoyable experiences in your trip. It is a pool villa and an ultra luxury retreat. It is situated in Thailand’s lesser developed areas i.e. in the gulf of Thailand. In this resort there are only twenty four suites and three special suites, their charges approximately starts from one thousand US dollars per night up to a multi-room and if you want to stay at utopian family beach retreat then you have to pay ten thousand US dollars per night. All the rooms of this resort are wonderful and included with world class luxury service.

So when ever you plan to visit Thailand then don’t forget to stay in Soneva Kiri, it is guaranteed that you will get a lifetime experience.